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About Labmaster

Lab Master, a company with a vision to establish a state of the art platform to serve the nation in field of science, is now a trust worthy place among several industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare. In Pakistan, we are a central Punjab based independent company. We offer almost complete range of Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Culture Media, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plastic Wares and Equipment with excellent service. With over 30 years of experience, we are capable enough to understand customer needs and come up with an efficient and affordable solution. Our target is to excel in customer satisfaction while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at competitive prices.

We refuse many projects to give our best on selective ones. Since our customers are our strength and have always been our No. 1 priority, we hope that you’ll feel confident in our ability to meet your needs & expectations. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact us. We will make special arrangements to fulfill your order.

Let us serve you to prove that we do exactly what we commit!


Foreign Principals

VWR International

The beginning of 2012 added a remarkable milestone in the history of Lab Master. Lab Master achieved the title “Authorized Distributor of VWR International for Pakistan region”. As per agreement, VWR 2012 has granted Lab Master the right to promote, market, sell and distribute VWR products. Hence, Lab Master is the authorized distributor of VWR’s equipment, material and reagents including: Laboratory chemicals, Glassware, Plastics, Instruments, Protective wear and Equipment.

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Hichrom Limited

2016, another remarkable year in the history timeline of Lab Master. Hichrom Limited confirmed Lab Master as their “Authorized Distributor” for Hichrom HPLC Columns and Consumables and Advanced Chromatography Technologies Limited ACE Products in the territory of Pakistan.

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Omega Bio-Tek

Omega Bio-tek, is a well known brand in the field of biothechnology and agricultural applications. Now Lab Master also offers products for clinical and basic research, biotechnology, and agricultural applications after having “Authorized Distribution” of Omega Bio-tek during 2017. Our goal is to offer high quality products to help you improve your workflows for DNA and RNA extraction for downstream analyses, and efficient and clean nucleic isolation.

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A2S Analytical Standard Solutions

2018, continues to add product range and scope of Lab Master. A2S – Analytical Standard Solutions confirmed Lab Master as their “Authorized Distributor” for their complete range of: Analytical standards of pesticides, COHV, BTEX, HAP, Tin derivatives, Perchlorates, Derived drugs and Toxins standards.

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Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, who are the pioneers in Weighing Technology. Being “Authorized Distributor” of Sartorius, Lab Master is more than happy to announce that the wide range of Sartorius Lab Weighing, Lab Water System, Liquid Handling, Centrifuges, Filtration and Microbiology is just one click away. Feel free to share your enquires with Lab Master to equip your lab with the product portfolio as under:

LAB WEIGHING – Balances, Moisture Analysers, Weights and Weight Sets.

LAB WATER SYSTEM – Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 range of water systems.

LIQUID HANDLING – Electronic pipettes, Mechanical Pipettes, Pipette Tips, Maxi Volume Liquid Handling (EARLIER IT WAS BIOHIT from FINLAND)

CENTRIFUGES – Micro centrifuges, Universal centrifuges, High-Speed Centrifuges

FILTRATION RANGE OF PRODUCTSBasic Filtration : Filter papers, Glass and quartz microfiber filters, Membrane filters, Filtration manifolds and bottles, Filtration Devices : Syringe filters: Minisart® family, Vacuum and pressure filters: Sartolab® family, Syringeless filters operated by manual pressure: Claristep® Ultrafiltration Protein Concentration : Centrifugal ultrafiltration: Vivaspin® family, Pressure-driven ultrafiltration: Vivacell® family, Tangential Crossflow concentrators: Vivaflow® family, DNA and Peptide Concentrators : Centrifugal ultrafiltration: Vivacon® family

MICROBIOLOGY RANGE OF PRODUCTS: Mycoplasma Detection, Microbial Enumeration, Sterility Testing and Air Monitoring

INCUCYTE – IncuCyte S3 Live Cell Analysis system

INTELLICYT – IntelliCyt High Throughput Cell Screening Platform

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Our Vision & Mission


We envision to be a state of the art organization which will excel in serving the customers of research chemicals and laboratory products by fulfilling their 100% needs & expectations with the highest quality products, safe and timely delivery along with our extensive knowledge and expertise.


Establishment of M/S Lab Master in the Heart of Punjab, Lahore. Lab Master is fully focused to be the best at what we do i.e. to excel in serving the field of science. We believe that our commitments and dedication for our work is bridging towards our goal day by day.